AndroCalc is an iPad App designed by an Andrologist for use at the lab bench. AndroCalc allows the Andrologist to directly input all required semen analysis data into the App while performing the semen specimen. Calculations are automated. The user can output all data to a spreadsheet for archiving and direct entry into their database.

AndroCalc  was built by LifeLab Solutions Inc ( for their Reproductive tissue banking software. Users of the LifeLab Solutions Databases (AndroLab, CryoLab EmbryoLab, QLab) can upload the spreadsheet directly. Users of other databases can print the data directly from the formatted spreadsheet or save the spreadsheet. Please note that PHI sent by standard email is not HIPAA compliant. Only send data without PHI.


Demographics Page:

  • Patient Data: Patient Name and Unique Identifier (required), Date of Birth, Referring Physician
  • Exam Data: Date, Time of Collection, Time of examination
  • Comments on specimen examination (v1.01)

Macroscopic Page:

  • Data: Volume, pH, Complete sample, liquefaction, technician, color, Chamber used,
  • Agglutination
  • Fructose Test Results (v1.01), Presence of Epithelial Cells (v1.01), Presence of Bacterial Contamination (v1.01)
  • Observable Averages: Concentration, Motility and Viability with number of repetitions and averages
  • Differential counting of Round Cells: Erythrocytes, Leukocytes, Germ Cells (v1.01)

Microscopic page:

  • Observation totals: Normal and Abnormal
  • Observations of Abnormal Sperm: Head (8 subtypes), Midpiece (2 subtypes) and Tail defects (7 subtypes) with absolute number and % of total automatically calculated

Antibody Testing Page:

  • IgG, IgA and IgM with Head, Midpiece, Tail and Not Bound subtypes with absolute number and % of total automatically calculated

Settings Page:

  • Table Maintenance: Referring Doctors, Liquefaction, Technicians, Agglutination, Chamber, Specimen Color, Collection Methods can be specified
  • General: Max exam time limit, Email for data export