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Andrology Database Manager is a complete database solution addressing the needs of the Andrology laboratory. The Administrative module provides both the Administrative and Technical staff with secure and rapid access to patient and QA/QC data from a single interface.  The AndroLab module provides a comprehensive database solution with built in QA and QC monitoring for regulatory compliance as well as easy access to data invaluable to the Reproductive Laboratory.


AndroLab Database Manager supports the demands of the most complex facilities with a wide range of exceptional features that are designed to streamline many of the routine, manual, and time-consuming tasks. A few unique features of this module include:

  • Cryopreserved specimen inventory can be viewed and accessed dynamically.
  • An audit log tracks each cryovial by staff, date, time and action.
  • The release or destruction of any cryovial requires verification of a second (Administrative level) staff member.
  • Pending post thaw analyses are shown at sign in and sign out.
  • Reports and Letters that require signature can be digitally signed, stored and printed from local (on-site) or remote locations (off-site ) by Administrative staff, facilitating workflow.
  • Correspondences, Regulator Documents and Signed Reports can be easily stored in an electronic file and viewed, printed, e-mailed or faxed from within the program.
  • When a test is sent to an outside lab, a dialog appears with a list of test and panels that can be ordered.  The user can then use a checkbox to order each individual test or a panel. These requests are then logged in an electronic ‘logbook’ which tracts the pending tests and alerts the user if they have not returned.
  • Users can attach scanned or stored documents in any format as well as images to records easily. This provides for easily accessible storage of the original record purposes of verification and archiving.
  • Form letters can be sent to a patient, multiple patients or referrers with the click of the mouse with a copy printed and/or saved in the patient’s or referrer’s electronic chart.
  • Storage contracts are tracked and updated daily with single button navigation for review and printing of letters for follow up.

Comprehensive management of information

AndroLab Database Manager can support multiple satellite facilities with secure data links and backup protocols. Our HIPPA compliant solution provides remote access to authorized personnel. Three major components of the Administrative interface are the “Patient Portal”, Referring Physician Portal” and a multifaceted “Administrative, QA/QC Portal”

  • Patient Portal – Users are able to select patients by either name or date of service.  Selecting a patient opens a new window in which both summary and detail patient data can be accessed.
  • Referring Physician Portal – Users are able to quickly able to locate a physician referrer and a list of the patients they have referred. A patients chart can be directly accessed from this list
  • Administrative, QA/QC Portal – This portal provides a comprehensive overview of the technical and administrative aspects of the laboratory. Windows have been created that provide visual indication of approaching…or overdue….quality assurance procedures, therefore assisting compliance with the multitude of regulatory requirements.

Immediate value

Installation takes less than a day, and the software provides actionable data within a few hours of installation. Support and upgrades are provided through secure links by LifeLab Solutions, Inc.

Rapid payback

With increased staff efficiency and preventing unnecessary investments in additional software, AndroLab Database Manager typically pays for itself within the first year. LifeLab customers are able to make more informed decisions about provisioning, optimization, and resource allocation, and can avoid mishaps that impact business results.

Excellent customer service

LifeLab Solutions, Inc. support team is accessible by phone, e-mail and web link insuring that questions are addressed rapidly and effectively. LifeLab customer advocates ensure you are getting the most value from your LifeLab investment.