Complete network infrastructure performance reporting

The CryoLab Module is designed to be database solution addressing the needs of the Reproductive Tissue Bank.The CryoLab module is a stand alone module that can also be combined with any or all of the other modules.

A few unique features of the CryoLab Module include:

• Inventory and tracking of cryovessels (vials and/or straws)

• Billing/Invoicing designed specifically for the needs of the Reproductive Tissue Bank

• HIPAA compliant Audit trails

• Automated generation of customized letters on a schedule of your choosing

• Fully Customizable Reports and Letters

• Barcode integration

• Cross platform hosting on a PC or a Mac either on site or remotely

• Accessibility from client workstations located on-site or remotely….as well as on the iPhone and iPad


Please take a few moments to view a few brief Demonstration Videos of the CryoLab and Contract Modules. These videos can also be downloaded from the ‘Contact Us’ tab.


CryoLab Module supports the demands of the most complex facilities with a wide range of exceptional features that are designed to streamline many of the routine, manual, and time-consuming tasks.  Satellite sites are easily connected.

Comprehensive management of information

CryoLab can support multiple satellite facilities with secure data links and backup protocols. Our HIPPA compliant solution provides remote access to authorized personnel.  With security in place, patient data can be securely viewed in real time.

Immediate value

Installation takes less than a day, and the software provides actionable data within a few hours of installation. Support and upgrades are provided through secure links by LifeLab Solutions, Inc.

Rapid payback

With increased staff efficiency and preventing unnecessary investments in additional software, CryoLab Database Manager typically pays for itself within months of installation. LifeLab customers are able to make more informed decisions about provisioning, optimization, and resource allocation, and can avoid mishaps that impact business results.

Excellent customer service

LifeLab Solutions, Inc. support team is accessible by phone, e-mail and web link insuring that questions are addressed rapidly and effectively. LifeLab customer advocates ensure you are getting the most value from your LifeLab investment.