We have completely re-designed and improved our software by adding hundreds of new features to our LifeLab solutions Database Manager. Our software is a sophisticated solution that is the product of 10 years of research, development and continual use by Andrology and IVF laboratories. Now that it has become a SAAS solution (Software As A Service) it is even easier and affordable to implement. Our reproductive tissue banking software is the most compliant and complete software solution available to tissue banks today. It offers the andrology and embryology laboratory as well as the reproductive tissue bank the ability to maintain compliance and allows for customization as needed by each facility.

You can try it out….without any obligation. We have hosted a practice database for your use. It contains the look and feel of the LifeLab Database. Features are continually being added.

Our pricing is truly affordable and transparent! 


The quickest way to access the LifeLab Practice Database can be accessed by clicking this link for the LifeLab Demo as a Guest user through any web browser. No need for a password just click on Guest User. Please note: You can view and click through the program but will not be able to add new data. Also, some features don’t work when viewing through the web browser link.


It can also be deployed on any PC (Windows 7 or higher) or Mac (OSX 10.7 or higher) with Filemaker Pro installed (see this link to download a free copy if you do not already have it). It can also be deployed using the Free FileMaker Go application on the iPhone or iPad.

Simplicity and Security

There are three ways to access the Practice Database with a Username and Password:

  1. PC or Mac: By clicking this link you will be directed to our Practice Database Sign-Up site where you will enter your name and email address.  You will then be given a username and password and have the option of accessing on your PC, iPad or iPhone.  To access you will need to have installed FileMaker 13 Pro Software on your computer. A Free trial of FMP13 can be downloaded from FileMaker. Accessing LifeLab through your PC or Mac provides the best user experience. This is the primary way to access and use LifeLab.
  2. Mobile Device: You can access LifeLab on your iPad or iPhone by downloading the free FileMaker Go App. This is a great way to access your LifeLab database.
  3. Web Browser: An extremely valuable option for accessing LifeLab is through your web browser. This provides access on any Desktop or Laptop computer as well as any mobile device without the need for the FileMaker engine to be installed. However, due to the complexity of the LifeLab solution, and the present limitations of the web browser engines,  this method disables many functions of LifeLab and does not provide the best user experience. However, it is an excellent way for rapid retrieval of data when urgently needed, but when you might be away from your personal computer.


To help you get started there is a pictorial User Manual for you to peruse which is easily accessible from the LifeLab Demo. We will also be developing several short Instructional Videos to get you started.

1. A Tour of the LifeLab Database Manager

2. How to gain access to the LifeLab Practice Database

3. Entering a New Patient

4. Adding a semen analysis and sending the report for review

5. Emailing a Semen analysis securely

We have a simple, affordable and transparent Introductory Pricing that we believe you will find irresistible!   We are always available to answer any questions and get your Laboratory started using the LifeLab Database Manager!

Please contact us with any questions at Support@LifeLabSolutions.com or call us at 1-800-313-5011